How can I get a leasing offer from Motoway?

Συμπληρώνοντας εύκολα τη φόρμα επικοινωνίας ή καλώντας στο 2310515557 ή επικοινωνώντας μαζί μας στα social media.

Can I add extra equipment to the vehicle I want?

Leasing motorcycles and scooters are always new and can be equipped with additional equipment, according to the available options per model and with remodeling the lease.

Can I choose any moto I want?

You can choose any model you want from the ones presented in the respective section.

Is it possible to drive the vechile also my daughter / son / wife?

Yes, if the additional driver(s) have been declared to us and of course if the rider has the appropriate driving license.

What happens in case of Theft?

If the additional insurance coverage of the total theft has been selected, you should immediately call the insurance company at 1158 or +30 2109462050 24/7 and follow all the instructions that will be given to you. If you haven’t chosen the additional coverage of the total theft, you undertake to pay Motoway an amount equal to the residual value of the moto. In any case you have to inform Motoway at +30 2310515557 Mon-Fri 09: 00-17: 00 or/and at [email protected].

In case of violation of the Rode Traffic Code, what do I do?

In case of violation of the Road Traffic Code, a possible fine is covered by the rider mentioned in the rental contract of the vehicle.

What insurance does my vehicle have?

It is compulsorily insured for third party liability, personal injury / loss of life, property damage, property damage from uninsured vehicle, medical advice, accident care, roadside assistance and legal protection. It is possible to be insured additionally with the following optional coverages: Personal accident, fire - terrorist acts, total theft, stops / strikes / riots / demonstrations / political unrest, natural phenomena, value of new spare parts as well as for own damages and malicious damages.

Can I buy the vehicle at the end of the leasing period?

In the choice of lease for 48 months, the acquisition of the motorcycle is pre-agreed from the beginning. In the option of renting for 36 months, the motorcycle is returned, however, if at the end of the leasing period there is a desire to acquire the vehicle, it is possible.

Where can I go for the maintenance of my motorcycle?

Στον εξουσιοδοτημένο dealer από όπου το έχεις μισθώσει είτε σε εξουσιοδοτημένο συνεργείο που θα σου έχει γνωστοποιηθεί από τον ίδιο.

Who covers the maintenance costs?

All costs for the maintenance of your motorcycle, for the budgeted mileage coverage that has been agreed, are included in the monthly lease rent of the vehicle.

How often does my leased motorcycle needs maintenance?

You should follow the instructions found in the vehicle maintenance manual and we will sent you an electronic notice on scheduled maintenance. They are also notified to you in the offer that includes the lease information.

What does the lease include?

The monthly lease includes all the services that the vehicle will need, such as the scheduled maintenance according to the manufacturer's instructions, change of tires to 20,000km, the obligatory insurance coverages and any additional ones that have been selected, the traffic taxes, any additional equipment of the vehicle chosen by the leaser.

What payment options are available?

The lease is paid exclusively by direct debit, on a monthly basis, according to the original offer and without any additional hidden charges.

Where can I report a damage?

In case of an accident you should immediately call the insurance company to 1158 or to +30 2109462050 24/7 and follow all the instructions that will be given to you. Also report the damage to Motoway at +30 2310515557 Mon-Fri 09: 00-17: 00.

Can I terminate the leasing contract earlier?

Yes, it is possible to terminate the lease earlier, but be aware that there are charges for early termination which will be notified to you from the outset upon signing the Agreement.